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Dans les fleurs

lundi 24 juillet 2006 par Thierry

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Dans les fleurs

vendredi 3 mai 2013
The tentacles touched them. I saw the hope fade and die. The tentacles coiled round their shoulders. They slid across their breasts. Embraced them. Slipped down their thighs and touched their feet. The drums began their swift upward flight into the crescendo of the Sacrifice’s culmination Lunettes Carrera. The wailing of the women was shrill above the drums. Their white bodies became grey mist. They became shadows. They were gone ?gone before the sound of their wailing had died. The golden girdles fell clashing to the rock ? What was wrong ? The ritual was ended. The Sacrifice accepted. Yet Khalk’ru still hovered ! And the lifeless cold was creeping round me, was rising round me . . Lebron 9 Shoes. A tentacle swayed and writhed forward. Slowly, slowly, it passed the Warrior’s Ring ?came closer ?closer ? It was reaching for me ! I heard a voice intoning. Intoning words more ancient than I had ever known Lebron 10 Shoes. Words ? They were not words ! They were sounds whose roots struck back and back into a time before ever man drew breath. .

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