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Dans les fleurs

lundi 24 juillet 2006 par Thierry

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Dans les fleurs

vendredi 3 mai 2013
I looked at the little man. Little enough he was, hardly above one of my knees, yet perfectly formed. A little golden man with hair streaming down almost to his feet. One of the Rrrllya ?I had studied the woven pictures of them on the tapestries, but this was the first living one I had seen ?or was it ? I had a vague idea that once I had been in closer contact with them than the tapestries. The white falcon was circling round his head, darting down upon him, striking at him with claws and beak. The little man held an arm before his eyes, while the other was trying to beat the bird away. The Witch-woman sent a shrill call to the falcon. It flew to her, and the little man dropped his arms Lebron James Shoes. His eyes fell upon me Lebron Shoes. He cried out to me, held his arms out to me, like a child. There was appeal in cry and gesture. Hope, too, and confidence. It was like a frightened child calling to one whom it knew and trusted Lebron 10 Shoes. In his eyes I saw again the hope that I had watched die in the eyes of the Sacrifices. Well, I would not watch it die in the eyes of the little man ! .

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