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Dédicade du dernier Tara Duncan

samedi 21 octobre 2006 par Thierry

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Dédicade du dernier Tara Duncan

vendredi 3 mai 2013
And now I saw between me and the screen a semi-circle of women. Young they were, scarce blossomed out of girlhood ?but already in fruit. Twelve of them I counted, each standing in the shallow hollowed cup of sacrifice, the golden girdles of the sacrifice around their waists Lunettes Carrera. Over white shoulders, over young breasts, fell the veils of their ruddy hair, and through those veils they looked at me with blue eyes in which horror lurked. Yet though they could not hide that horror in their eyes from me who was so close, they hid it from those who watched us from beyond. They stood within the cups, erect, proudly, defiant. Ai ! but they were brave ?those women of Karak ! I felt the olden pity for them ; stirring of the olden revolt Lebron 9 Shoes. In the centre of the semi-circle of women swung a thirteenth ring, held by strong golden chains dropping from the temple’s roof Lebron 10 Shoes. It was empty, the clasps of the heavy girdle open ? The thirteenth ring ! The ring of the Warrior’s Sacrifice ! Open for ?me ! .

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